Hike, Swim, Fly

While we did have many relaxing days (usually involving the beach), we also had some adventure days on our honeymoon. Two days in particular stand out in particular as full of adventure.

Adventure #1: Napali Coast Hike

Think up. Think down. Now think up again. Now imagine hiking that...got it in your mind? Well, that's what it is like hiking the Napali coast. Josh and I definitely underestimated the hike. It was beautiful and tragic all at the same time.

We started off on our side of the island, the West Shore. We drove that morning all the way around the island (there is 1 major road on Kauai and it's like a horseshoe from West to North) to the North Shore--it's about 1.5 hour drive. Given this, we didn't get to Ke'e Beach, where the hike begins, until around 11:30am. We thought, sure we can hike this now, no problem. It's only like 2 miles or something. Totally doable. Off we go, forgetting about lunch in the trunk and brining loads of water...(this is foreshadowing).

We get going on the hike, and there are a lot of rocks and it starts going up-up-up. "Oh, this has to end and even out eventually" we say to each other. And it's not leveling out. Nope. Just more rocks and more hill. After we get to the first view point, I honest-to-goodness think we're about half way. Some other hiker says to another couple, "you're almost there - hehe." Then I think to myself, "is he being sarcastic? Or is it true? It certainly feels like we've hiked a lot." I turned to Josh to confirm. Totally wrong; we'd only gone 0.5 miles. Sigh. And we'd practically drank 3/4th of our tiny water bottle.

In the swealtering sun, we continue on. We see some absoluately gorgeous sites. We see ants (ahh, ants with sandles...not cool. Not cool at all.), a hippie on a rock selling stuff, and other red-faced hikers on the return hike.

After forever, we get to the end. It's glorious - crashing waves, a nice breeze under trees, and just a lovely view. We sit and rest but not for long because we know if we relax too much we won't want to go. Back to the hiking. We hike, and hike, and hike. We have to cross over a steam by rock hopping. Josh slips and ends up with wet feet. Now he has wet feet and hiking a million hours.

Finally, we reach the 0.5 mile left to go marker (yes, the very same spot where I thought we were halfway done). We are parched and tired. Out of nowhere, these Canadians appears and see our red, tired faces. And they offer us...wait for it...water!! With just a few sips we are revived. We hike the rest of the way back with the heroic Canadians.

And that, my friends, is the Napali Coast hike. Beautiful, but deadly. My advice: Get there early, get lunch, don't wear sandles (unless you're cool with ants), and bring lots of water.

Napali Coast Hike

Adventure #2: Kauai Outfitter Safari

The actual name of our safari was Kipu Zipline Safari. Go head, click the link and read all about it. Just be sure to read on for my rendition.

Being the crazy people we are, we did this second adventure day the day after the Napali Coast hike. My calfs hurt, but besides that we were raring to go! We arrive at the place where we'll take off with our kayaks, and there is Mary Chandler, an SCU alumni friend. Umm, random (but cool). Anyway, we get our 2 minute kayak tutorial and off we go.

Now kayaking with two people should be one of those marriage counsel camp activities. You must work together and communication. Likely Josh and I were pros since we just got married. HA! Fooled you. We were actually not that bad, but far from being pros. After two miles of paddling, and hearing the guide tell us about some local Kauai folklore, we arrive at the site of Indiana Jones rope swing scene. Cool. Then we paddle on to the end of the kayak portion of the day. Now, on to mini-hike and rope swinging into a pond. A very crisp, refreshing pond (aka cold). I wasn't going to do it, but I feel for peer-pressure. Glad I did though; fun stuff. One time is enough though.

After a hay truck ride and some lunch, it was ziplining time. This got me all excited and yet incredibly nervous. Yes, I am a human strapped to ropes and plan to zip across a very high valley. Sounds crazy. Anyhoo, it was crazy...crazy awesome. We zipped twice. The first time I tried to hold myself up for like 5 seconds and then realized I could relax. But zip zip zip. It was like flying. Definitely would do this again. Give me more!!!! (No, I'm not an adrenline junky).

The trip ended with another mini-hike, another pond but this time with a zipline to jump with (I didn't do this; Josh did and did a belly flop - ouch). Then we got on a motor boat and got back to the docks. And that is truly an adventure filled day!

Kauai Adventure Day - Ziplining