Beach Bummin' It

This is the first of hopefully a couple of posts I'll write about the honeymoon. This one is about our beach days. Yes, big surprise, we went to the beach in Hawaii.

We had three days that we spend relaxing on the beach. Ahh, the beach...

Beach Day #1: Poipu State Beach

For our first day in Kauai, we headed to the beach. Being that we were staying on the West Shore in Waimea, we decided to go to the South Shore for our beach day. The West Shore has some nice beaches, but the water is more wild and not really recommended to into the water. We were both ready to plunge in, so we headed south. Poipu is one of the most popular beaches in the South Shore. Luckily for us, our trip wasn't in prime season, so it wasn't too bad. In fact, we snagged a spot to lay that had semi-shade from a palm tree. Although we got some shade, we apparently didn't get enough. Our first day and we returned home with sunburns. We did have our sunscreen on, but when the bottle said waterproof we didn't realize it needed to be re-applied in intervals after water. Whoopies! I guess we should have followed the advise of the guy we talked to in the water, "You better be careful you two. I don't think I was that white when I was born!"

The highlight was seeing the sea turtle. Two sea turtles decided to come in to shore to get some grub. They practically were coming ashore. I touched one of their shells - slimy! I grabbed my underwater camera and got a few shots. Go Turtles!

Hello Mr. Turtle

Beach Day #2: Sheraton Beach at Poipu

We enjoyed our first beach time in Poipu so much that we returned. To try something new, we headed to the beach front by the Sheraton. It was a bit windy, but again we enjoyed our time. We didn't see any turtles, but we did get some good reading in and some splashes. By the end we were hungry and it was getting windy, so we headed out and strolled the rest of our day in Koloa.

Sheraton Poipu Beach

Beach Day #3: Mauna Lana Hotel Beach

Our last beach day was also our last day on the honeymoon. A final hurrah at the beach. Josh said this beach is known as one of the best beaches on the big island. I could definitely agree with that statement. The water was uber calm and you could just waddle into the water without much of a splash. We also found ourselves pleasantly relaxed under some shade (easier to read my iPad Kindle app in the shade). We looked out at the blue sky and soaked in our last rays of the trip. A sweet ending to a wonderful honeymoon.

Mauna Lana Beach