Straight No Chaser

A few years ago, when Josh and I still lived in the Bay Area, we went to the San Francisco Symphony's Christmas concert. We have such fond memories of that evening. So much so, that every year we reminisce about it and say, "remember that year we went to the symphony for Christmas..."

This year we wanted to do something similar. That when I came across Straight No Chaser was playing this December in Seattle. Now, if you don't know this about me, I should say that I tend to get slightly obsessed with certain songs or artists. For about a month, I play that song or artist non-stop. I eventually get tired and move on to my next song or artist obsession. That's how my music goes. However, given Christmas is only 1 month, I generally don't have enough time to get it "out of my system" so Christmas songs and artists can just be terminal favorites. That's exactly the case for Staight No Chaser. I just love their holiday songs. 

In fact, I can remember hearing them for the first time. I was living in the Bay Area and I was working. I wanted to find some new music to listen to as I worked (because I love to listen to music as I work especially Christmas music). In my search, I came across the 12 Days of Christmas on You Tube by this a cappella group from Indiana University. I listened. And became obsessed. 

Sorry for the tangent; to get back on when I saw they were in Seattle, I seized the opportunity. So yesterday evening we had a night with Staight No Chaser. Preceded by a little dinner at my favorite crepe place, Citizen. Perfect evening.

Straight No Chaser Concert

Here's some songs (they did some non-Christmas too) that they played...awesome:

  • Madonna  
  • Lady Gaga - Bad Romance with Poker Face
  • Michael Jackson mash up with Poison 
  • Coldplay Fix You
  • Cee Lo Green & Jason Marz
  • 50's  mash up
  • Christmas Can Can
  • The Grinch
  • 12 days of Christmas
  • Carol of the Bells

Listen to some of their tunes online!

Straight No Chaser Concert  Straight No Chaser Concert