Deck the House

With trees and garland, fa la la la la la la la la....

I am just now writing about last weekend, but we've officially gone one week with our apartment all decked out for the holidays. Last Sunday we bought our Christmas tree and I decorated our place with boughs of holly. Well, not boughts of holly, but with garland and all sorts of red and green. 

To get a tradition going, we went back to the same Christmas tree lot as last year. However, this year we decided to upgrade on the tree size. I didn't want no dinky tree, I wanted a really, normal sized tree. So we added a few feet to the tree compared to 2010. It's about a five foot tree and it's absoluately beautiful. 

 Getting our tree Driving off with our tree

I decorated it with the few ornaments I have (the rest are with my parents until I have more storage). Then some fake (yet very live looking) poinsettias, as well as fresh baby's breath. Finished off with a healthy dose of lights. 

 Our tree all decked out

The rest of the house decorations mainly lie on our little IKEA cabinet that runs next to the kitchen table. It's got my singing Hallmark snowmen (from my mom), candles, and some other random things.

Now, whip out the Christmas music and get in the spirit...I certainly am!