It's Cookie Time

The title of my post makes me think of this and then I starting sing to myself. I know by admitting this, I seem even more dorky. But, hey, it's who I am.

On Sunday, my friend Beth came over and we had a baking & decorating party. We both get Cooking Light magazine and saw the front cover with the beautiful iced cookies. We were talking about it and since we both like to bake, we thought we'd get together.

The Bakers

So we made the dough, refrigerated it, rolled it out, cut out the shapes, baked, and then decorated them. The decorating was the most fun. We got really into it, and would notice we stopped talking occasionally when we got really focused on a cookie.

They didn’t quite turn out like Cooking Light’s professional snowflake cookie, but they were tasty and pretty. We decided the snowflakes were the most exciting to decorate – and our best cookies.

The Snowflakes

The snowmen are a different story. Mostly they are happy, except one, he’s sad.


This weekend it's my infamous pepparkakor cookies. Maybe some other too. The Christmas cookie countdown begins!