Crafty Christmas

I was a bit crafty this Christmas. I made my own little Christmas sign. The idea was sparked by my wedding when I made a Hitched sign. I thought, "hey, I did it for the wedding, I can do it for Christmas." And so I did.

How did I do it? Simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Buy awesome paper. For instance, Paper Source or a craft store. Personally, I went to Impress Rubber Stamps. I also bought a cool snowflake stamp on the same visit for our Xmas cards.
  2. Buy some sticky letters. That's not the correct name, but I'm sure if you tell someone at the store, they'll know what you mean. I went to Michaels. While at the store, remember to get some string if you don't have any at home. Some twine would be neat too!
  3. Find a medium sized bowl in your kitchen and a scrap piece of cardboard.
  4. Make a stencil by making a half dome on the cardboard. Do this by using a pen and tracing the edge of the bowl. Cut it out.
  5. Use this stencil on your cool paper.
  6. Spell out whatever you want to say. I went with "Merry X-Mas."
  7. Use an exacto knife to make little slits on the edge of the letters - two of them, one on the left and one on the right.
  8. Thread the twine or string through it.
  9. Hang it in your home and smile.

Here's my result (I tried to get artsy fartsy with the photo):