Later Partner

In case the title confused you, Starbucks employees are all partners. I'm saying goodbye to my partners! Today was my last day at Starbucks. It was a bittersweet goodbye. It was a fun team at Pine Street and it treated me well, but now onto other business (I'll tell you about the new stuff soon. Just keep an eye out for a new post in a week or so. Did I just get you excited? It's like something big happening right before a commercial break or a season finale on TV).

I'll miss my partner friends. However, it's not goodbye, but a see you later. I mean I live in Seattle - it's not like I'm moving away! (that here is a hint of what's to come in that exciting next post). I got some beautiful dried flowers from the team as a goodbye...

Later Partner - Flowers from Team

Things I'll miss: partners/friends (duh), making awesome foam, drizzling caramel on caramel macchiatos, easy access to coffee (and saving dinero on lattes), free pound of coffee every week + discounts, cool customers, remembering each Monday I get tips, and some other things.

Things I won't miss: hurting myself on hot liquids or cheese, bumping into random things (oh wait, I do that at home anyway), waking up at 4am, clopens (that's a close and then an open shift), tired feet, taking out the trash, washing my hands every 2 minutes, dealing with crazies, and some other things.

I'll miss this cool apron, pins, recognition cards, and stuff. And Zachy-poo was supppper sweet and said I was Wonder Woman and gave me this MAC lipgloss (from Mac's Wonder Woman make-up line)...Awww.

Later Partner - Bye Everything Later Partner - Bye Zachy

I'll just have to visit (and be a customer).