Back in the Saddle

The runner up for this post's title, was Many Happy Returns. Both cheery, but Back in the Saddle just seemed fitting. And now, I'm sure you're singing along. But really, by the end of the week, I was singing more like this Aerosmith song than Gene Autry. Just kidding, but not, but really.

Okay, seriously now, this past week was getting back into the old groove. It was great to be back at the Acxiom office in Foster City seeing all the familiar faces (and sad to see some not there anymore). It was so nice to catch up with so many friends again. The I was back to the computer, digital world. Just nice to be back (in an office chair, not a saddle, mind you).

Most of my week was getting setup and doing some training. I also got a new laptop loaded with awesome programs, attended meetings, and submitting tickets. Fun times.

Speaking of fun times, take a look at the rental car I got for the week. Actually, I felt pretty convertible and Heather just done fit in the same sentence -- perhaps Heather and Porsche do (well, in my dreams they do - wink wink).

The best part of the week were the evenings seeing all my friends. Night #1, Tuesday, was "the gang" (this is how Josh and I refer to our group of college friends: Manual, Jimmy, Chris, Jeff, and Melissa). I had dinner with Melissa in Menlo Park at Sultanas, and then the gang went to Fraiche for some delicious froyo. Night #2, Wednesday, I meet with my friend Lara (an ex-Acxiomer). We had din din down at Pizza Antica on Santana Row followed up with the best froyo ever...Yumi Yogurt...with the best flavor, graham cracker cheesecake. Night #3, Thursday, my last night, was happy hour with Acxiom friends (and old Acxiom friends - everyone still seems to show up for happy hour even though they are no longer with Acxiom...we just that fun of people). Great friends, great times!

I'm grateful for my first week at the office getting some good face-to-face time with my team. Now, I'm back in Seattle and tomorrow starts my first week being home based! Before the work week begins, Josh and I tried to get me all setup with a home office. We made a stop at IKEA on Saturday and Storables today. Then we spent time getting it all together (and built...gotta love IKEA). It's not quite done, but it's workable. I'll share a picture when it's all setup and beautiful.


Wish me luck this week!