Sneak Preview

The weekend right before I started working was beautiful. The sun was out, it was a tad bit warmer temperatures, people were out and about -- I was giddy about it all. Josh was sick, and I wanted to get out, so I went to University Village, an outdoor mall near, surprisingly enough, the University of Washington. I love this mall because it has flowers and cute paths which makes me want to skip around in glee. I like walking around malls even though I don't buy stuff. I like to pretend and live in my imaginary world -- especially in Pottery Barn.

Now back to the purpose of this post, flowers. I saw some lovely flowers and felt it was a sneak preview into spring -- don't get too excited my spring chickens, it's definitely not spring yet. I repeat, it's definitely, definitely winter. Today is a prime example: rain, strong, strong winds, hail, a peek of sun, rain, more rain, clouds, darkness (but clear, however, clear means cold temps). I thought I'd share my sneak preview with you.

Don't these flowers look like they are saying, "hello sunshine! We missed you!"



These say, "we twinkle with glee."



Little bells of happiness...

Bells of Flowers

I love flowers. No wonder my name is a flower. Heather. Note: You will read on the hyperlinked site that Heather "can survive in some very harsh territory." Also, I'm a very versatile flower.