I was trying to come up with something witty to say about collections, so I went onto Wikipedia to see if I could get some inspiration. What I found was that there are lots of definitions for collection, yet not really seemed to fit the type of collection I was going to write about. Is my definition of collection totally off base? Did I not learn something in elementary school? Crazy.

Now I got your curiosity! Go on, check it out. I'll make it easy for's the link. But come back to my blog, to hear about my collection.

I'm thinking about starting a collection. I wish I made this decision a long time ago because my collection would have been much more diverse and vast. There would be oodles and oodles of places I visited represented in...wait for it...MUGS! Specially Starbucks mugs. I know this is a common thing to collect, but they're cool. (1) They are trendy and stylist, (2) They are the perfect size for a morning coffee or tea, (3) they can be awesome souvenirs, and (4) I did work there and it is now permanently and undeniably a part of my life. Sadly, I have some problems with this collection, (1) it takes up lots of space in the cabinet, (2) what about all my other mugs, they'll feel neglected and forgotten. I love some of my other mugs. I guess the pros outweigh the cons.

This is the start of my collection. Yes, there are two Seattle mugs. I like the architecture mug (that's what it's called at Starbucks). It has cools facts on the back. For instance:ย Elevation: 14' Above Sea Level, Avg. Annual Rainfall: 37.07 in. Ave Daily Temp Jan., 40.1F and July 65.2F


Let's give some of my mugs some love. Here's a fond memory. Josh and I's first big vacation together - England. These mugs we bought in London. They are representing the Underground's Circle and Central lines. Cute!


Then there are the mugs Don Brown made for us. We used these tons. I don't drink out of the one with me on it - that's Josh's cup. Mine is the scenery mug.


And the random cups. One from my friend Kim in Eugene. The other I love the phrase - I gave it to Josh during law school.


Or maybe I should totally change course and just start a sticker collection. Not just an ordinary sticker collection, but a cool Seattle sticker collection.