Paddy Day

Poor Patrick became Paddy. How'd that happen? How did Paddy come from Patrick? There must be a story about that. It makes me think of Paddy cake the hand clapping game.

I wore my green today and my Irish jewelry. At one point in life I was receiving lots of Irish jewelry especially stuff with the claddagh. I had to deck out because this is my last year with the last name O'Neill. Next year it'll be Brown.

I wanted to inspire you with the holiday with some awesome information. I read a bit on my favorite wikipedia site and searched St Patrick's Day. Fun fact for you - I learned the shamrock was used by Saint Patrick to teach the trinity in Ireland. Did you know that? Woohoo, new information for you! Another fun fact: If I had been born a boy, my name would have been: Patrick John O'Neill. Now that's Irish. I'd bleed green I think (or Guinness). I mean take a look at my grandma - and she's not even the Irish side (don't tell her I said that...):

Today I ate a corn beef sandwich to celebrate. I didn't have brown bread though. I wish there was brown bread instead of soda bread around the stores. It's all over in Ireland. It would have made the sandwich that much more Irish. Sigh. I guess I could have made it (see hyperlink earlier), but that's a lot of work. Trader Joe's leaven bread did the trick this time. I thought of taking a photo of my sandwich and then was too hungry and ate it instead. Just use your imagination.

Also, we had the luck of the Irish in Seattle today because it was the first day with no rain in weeks. The sun was shining; it was beautiful.

I don't want to bore you, so you can read more about St Patrick's Day from last year's post - much more interesting. Or check out this O'Neill website.