Almost Heaven

I saw strawberries at the grocery store and the idea hit: Angel Food Cake. How heavenly! I love me some angel cake with strawberries and whip cream. Oh so heavenly. And it fits since I'm so angelic-like, right? Just joking.

So I bought those strawberries. And then I bought some mix. Voila, a dessert from heaven and made by angels (aka me). And to me, this is Spring in a box. Although it's dreary outside, a bit of spring inside doesn't hurt.

To start, I have the utensils and mix.

Heavenly - Starts







Next you get things mixing. Look at that dollop of happiness. My Grandma Norma always told me that you had to mix longer than the box says, you must get that stiff batter. That's an insider tip. That and she had a brand that she always used. I think it was Betty Crocker, but really it may have been Duncan Hines. Darn my memory!

Heavenly - In the Mixer







Then you stick it in the oven to cook things up. And flop it upside down. Don't want it to get sunken. That would be drab. And you trust the angels (see the bottle says TRUST) that it won't topple over.

Heavenly - In the Oven Heavenly - Upside Down

Now you celebrate and feel like a Angel Queen.

Heavenly - On my Head

Last you look at the delicious cake and EAT IT.

Heavenly - The End

Now you wish you had some. It's easy...go do it!

And that, my friends, is how exciting my life is right now. That plus a bit of work. But keep any eye out because something exciting is happening this weekend and I'll be sure to share. Stay tuned!