Busy Right Now

Alright; I feel horrible. Slap my wrists. I've been such a bad blogger lately. I've missed so many topics to write about and now it just seems silly to go back and write. Sigh. I'm going to try and be better. Honestly, I've just been busy. Busy with work. Busy with wedding planning. Busy with home stuff. Busy with this. Busy with that. Just plain busy. And when I'm not busy, I'm tired or out doing something.

Work: This is one major busy. I started at the end of February and it seems like I've never left. It is a different experience this time around though. For one, I'm working from home. This is actually working out pretty well for me besides the lack of human contact sometimes. I still get up and get dressed. Yes, it's tempting to stay in my PJs all day, but to really get up and going, I need to get into clothes.

I also get to see the client every week. I get out of the house and some human interaction. Awesome. It's actually fun to be able to see the client and get to know them better. Not to mention the beautiful view I get to see from the 23rd floor.

Wedding: Another top busy. This is like a job in itself. Emailing people. Researching vendors. Finding ideas. Meeting vendors to see if its a fit. Making decisions. Managing a budget.

Ahh busy. Sorry I've been delinquent blogger. I'm just busy right now. Okay? (<-- that's where I got the blog title idea)


The views really are quite nice...this photo doesn't do it justice. I just get embarrassed pulling out my iPhone to take a picture in a business building.