Not the End of the World

Well the world did not end yesterday. Whew, what a relief! I didn't get quite everything done that I'd hope. Try as I might, I still have way too much to do, and want to do, before our world goes away.

What are somethings I did do? Well, here's a few:

1. Finished a Book: A newfound friend of mine, Katy, she's a recent Seattle transport from Eugene too, recommended a book to me. The book she recommended and the book I finished was called Alice I have Been. First of all, I found this to be a very interesting book. I always enjoy a book that is based off something people know about, but add a twist - like a childhood story or a historical event. This was based on true events (mostly) and very well written. You know when a book is well written when after you finished reading for the moment, your mind is thinking in the same writing style. Or maybe that's just me. After I read, sometimes I start thinking like the book is written. That's a good sign for me that I'm enjoying the book. Another sign is when I stay up way to late reading. Which I did with this one. I read it in two weeks, which is pretty fast for me when I'm busy working (and it's been busy at work). I laughed, cried, and got frustrated as I read this one. I love books that get you so involved that you have a mix of emotions. This wasn't a happy-go-lucky book, but definitely has an different twist to it. I say it's definitely worth the read!

2. Ate some delicious Pie: Josh and I are big-time planning for the wedding these days. Some parts of the planning are more fun then others. For instance, pie tasting! We are probably going with a something different than cake for our wedding...PIE! Our wedding is a fall, Seattle themed wedding (yes, Seattle fall is the theme) so we thought pie would be fitting. Plus, wedding cake is not always that great (frozen and then defrosted, bleh). Pie is fruity and good. It has fruit, so it must be good for you. We thought pie would be fun. And pie was definitely fun to taste! This place in West Seattle was very good indeed.

Nom Nom Nom Galette My fav...Apple Crumble Which one to eat first?!? Pie Tasting Happy Josh

3. Went to the Beach: West Seattle has some beaches that I can imagine will be great in the summer. It is still a bit cold here and not totally spring/summer yet. We have had some occasional sun and one really nice, warm (warm for me now is 70) weather (warm for me in the past was 80/90...Pacific NW has changed this Cali girl).

Heather at the Beach Josh at the Beach

4. Started Season 4 of Mad Men: This Netflix disc has been sitting here for a while. It's a Josh & Heather watch together series so I can't watch it without him around. However, he just has NOT been around. He's been traveling - New Jersey, Chicago, Germany - for work. We finally sat down and watched two episodes last night. Now, if only True Blood and How I Met Your Mother would come out with their recently seasons.

5. Saw the sun again in Seattle: I'll just say this, it's been a long winter here. Sun is not so shiney yet.

Sun in Seattle

6. Make some pork chops. Tasty too. Not dried out. Good recipe. And I made some pasta shells. These are always a winner with this recipe.

Now that I know the world isn't over, I did do a few more things just in case. Such as:

1. Tried out Shellac nails: Shellac is the newest thing to the nail lasts 2-3 weeks with no chipping! Plus it dries instantly, so no smudges. Awesome! I wanted to try it out because my finger nails chip the first day, so I basically stopped getting them painted. Not to mention, I'm super impatient and always smudge them. However, I'm very excited about my Shellac nails and they are super girly, springy pink. I'll keep you posted on how this goes. Today is Day 1. I got them done this morning at Hoa Salon in Ballard. They were so nice there. I even got a shoulder/neck massage as they put my nails under the magic machine thing.


2. Walked the farmers market: After my relaxing, indulging time at the nail salon, I walked around the Ballard Farmers Market. I love this market. I petted a few dogs (a golden, two Akitas, and a mutt), tasting some goodies (applies, juices, bread), ate pizza, and enjoyed the semi-sunny weather. I bought myself some treats too. Pumpkin muffin from Grateful Bread Co. Hard Berry Cider from Rockridge Orchards. And 2 crunchy, spicy Aztec apples. Go Market! (Do you like the photo? I used Instagram).


3. Make some Coconut Pineapple Banana Bread: I can smell it now. I just pulled it out of the oven. Hopefully it's as good as it smells. It's from a recent blog that started following...Joy the Baker. I mean her name is Joy. It was meant for me to follow.

4. Finally Wrote another Post: Sorry, I really have been too busy. Work + Wedding + Life = No posts lately. I'll try harder.