Pull Over

Yes, sometimes you have to pull over. I'm not talking about cops (but yes, you should pull over for them). I'm talking about soaking in the beauty of the day. Or stop and smell the roses as the saying goes...

Yesterday I was driving around a part of town I haven't ventured into much, West Seattle. I was there to treat myself to a facial since Josh was out of town for the weekend (I got it off Groupon - love it). Anyways, afterwards I looked off to the distance and had to drive towards it. It was Puget Sound in all it's glory. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in this and that and checking off your to-do list, that you forget to stop and enjoy the beauty of the city. And let me tell you, I think Seattle is gorgeous! All that rain adds a bit of mystery and character to it (and not to mention, green and trees).

And pull over is what I did. The first pull over was after I saw awesome cloudy and a little aqua water in the distance. I drove towards it and ended up walking along the water for a few minutes (even though it was raining). Here's a quick shot I took.


And then I turned around and as I was driving home, I looked over and saw the city skyline. I quickly pulled over as there was a viewpoint. And took this picture:


Darn it! I should ALWAYS carry my camera with me. But my iPhone did a decent job, don't you think?

And the beauty doesn't stop there. I took this photo as I looked out the window from our home - from inside my at-home office.

View from my At Home Office