New Things

Lately I've been trying some new things. Crazy, right? For a gal that likes to order the same thing at a particular restaurant, or could eat the same cereal for years. Crazy. Here's a few new things I've tried:

Amazon Fresh - This is for the elite part of the country, the special folks that endure rain and gray for three-fourths of the year; this is for Seattleites. Basically, it's a service out of Amazon, which is headquarters in Seattle. You can order your groceries online and then have them delivered right to your doorstep. We've tried the pre-dawn delivery, so they are at your doorstep when you wake up. You open your door and voila, groceries are in crate for you to drag inside and put away. You might be asking the question I asked myself, "what about frozen foods?" Easy. They have some crates with the cooler inside or those special bags that keep food cold. The prices aren't bad and it's super convenient. I'm just not sure if I can give up Trader Joes entirely. We think this will be for weekend where I run out of time to go grocery shopping, or returning from a weekend getaway.

Lunchbox Laboratory - Yum. Burgers. Fries. Shakes. We've been meaning to try this place for a while and finally did on Saturday. I wanted to go to REI and it's just a block away. Although burgers is their thing, I tried their veggie burger. Now, I DON'T like the garden burgers or boca burger things. Yuck. I did, however, like this one. It reminded me of Cornucopia in Eugene. It was black bean based and super delicious. Josh got a special with carnitas. He also had an awesomely thick and delicious strawberry shake.

Intelligentsia - How intelligent of us to try Intelligentsia. It was light, no really, the color was a lighter brown. But yes. It also had a lighter taste, or delicate. I also like the packaging. A nice morning wake-up call.

Pasta Dish - OMG. This is the new dish for us. I tend to find a dish that I just love and I make it every other week. The equation: easy to make + very delicious + cheap + good as leftovers = a keeper recipe. This is it. It's like my straw and hay pasta, but for spring/summer (straw and hay is more fall/winter). Drumroll please...Pasta with Roasted Cauliflower and Prosciutto. Get the recipe and try it yourself.