Beans and Dreams

Coffee Beans and Birthday Dreams. That was last weekend. Yes, I'm writing about last weekend this weekend. I'm bit behind. Deal with it.

Last week marked my last year in my 20s. Sigh. After about the age 26, I started to forget how old I was. Funny thing is, I still feel like I'm 18. Now I truly understand what my parents meant when they taked about not feeling X age (X for my parent's privacy). I think I still qualify as young. Although if you asked my 11 year old self if upper 20s was young, I'd probably disagree. College people seemed old to me at that time. It's all prespective.

For my birthday, Seattle has the Seattle weather - gray and rain. Apparently it'll get nice here after the 4th of July. If only I had a July birthday. No tears though. One can still have fun without the sun (I've learned this living here). Josh and I spent a fair portion of Saturday at the Northwest Coffee Festival.

There were coffee pot of all shapes and sizes on display. Check this out:

Could you figure this out? Extreme Coffee Pot

I will not be using these at home. Look at all the nobs and spouts on the left one. Craziness I tell you, craziness. It was fun to watch the experts at work though. We watched a presentation and they guy was weighing his coffee to ensure the right amount of water. Craziness.

We did taste a few different coffees. Victorola made me a cute little cappuccino. We tried macchiatos and espressos. Personally, I still like the sugar and milk in my coffee. However, you really can taste the difference in beans when you make coffee the right way.

Victrola Barista...My Cappuccino 

Here's a Flickr site that has some cool photos.

I also celebrated my birthday with gifts and some good food. We went to dinner at Mistral. And I of course got myself some froyo.

Here's the cute stationary Josh got me. It's from Minted. It's postcard style and the back is uber cute too. Perhaps you might receive a piece of mail from me.

Smiling with my gift 

And that's a wrap (birthday gift pun intended).