All American

Last weekend was our all American weekend. We did everything American (well, not everything, but lots of typical American things). By the way, as I write, this song is playing in my head.

Not only was it a three day weekend - awesome - but it was also SUNNY here in Seattle. Here's some American things we did (in chronological order):

Where Ya At Matt - We started our weekend on Friday with some good ole Southern food with a BBQ twist. Not to mention, it was served from a food truck! I had a Big, Bold Pork Po Boy and Josh had some fried shrimp. Yum.


Happy Hour - We enjoyed happy hour with cold beers and sweet cocktails (okay, the latter was just me) with our friend Aaron. We went to Ray's Boathouse and chilled out on the patio. We looked out at Elliott Bay and watched the locals stand up paddle boarding (pretty crazy water stuff!). We soaked in our annual Vitamin D and had a nice time chatting and joking.

Looking to the Olympics Mnts

Wallace Falls - Isn't hiking an American thing? Well, if not, I'm making it work. Josh and I got out of Seattle a bit on Saturday and drove out towards the Cascade Mountains. On the way out there, we sat there in good American traffic. Luckily, it wasn't too bad - only 50 miles outside of town. We took a decent 6 mile hike up to the middle falls. It was a great hike with the mist from the falls cooling us down.

Wallace Falls Hike

Big Picture - This is a pretty awesome place. It's a movie theater that serves drinks (not just sodas here people). In the spirit of our wedding planning, we saw Bridesmaids. Yes, I convinced Josh to go after many weeks of persuasion. This isn't your regular romantic comedy about a bridezilla or anything like that. This is somewhat raunchy comedy along the lines of The Hangover or Old School. I think I laughed out loud 30 times. Pretty freakin' hilarious. Oh, and the popocorn, well it's served in a champagne bucket. So sophisticated.


Miro Tea - We enjoyed a nice cup of afternoon tea. Wait. That's not right. That's not American. In fact, that's BRITISH! That goes against everything this holiday stands for. Traitors! But we did it the non-British way so it's okay. Really. Calm down. We had it iced, so it was like iced tea. Not British at all. No no no. We enjoyed our iced tea with my old college friend and suite-mate, Becca, and her husband, Nathan. It was good to catch-up with friends.

Fireworks - We ended our weekend with a bang. Yes, an actual bang. The bang of fireworks. We headed over to Fremont to watch the South Lake Union fireworks. Our friends Aaron (yes, the same guy as Friday's happy hour) and Bree. Our fireworks are late - as in 10:30 start time. Did you forget Seattle is farther north? Craziness. Now sing it Katy Perry.

Firework Show

I say we did a fair amount over three days. What do you think?