Lift Your Spirits

Yes, raise your glass and lift up your spirit. That's what Josh and I did this evening to help us with the Sunday night blues. But there is more to this post than that....

It actually all starts with passing a building that has a large octopus holding a bottle painted on it several times a week. It's of no surprise to me that Josh was the first to notice this octopus. I think anything with a large octopus painted on it would grab Josh's attention. Why we never stopped until now, I don't know, but I think it has something to do with the rain. I like to blame everything on the rain. It's a good excuse, especially in Seattle.

The story goes that we meant to stop by last weekend, but we couldn't remember the exact stop and I whizzed right by it. We were both tired and wanting to get home, so we didn't bother turning around. But then this weekend, things were different. Yesterday the sun shone a bit, and we were just cruzin' to some Weezer, and thought...we should stop at the big octopus. And it just so happens we were on that road.

So we stopped and walked in. The were more octopus decorating. Sweet. Better yet, the owner was at the back talking about and serving their locally made vodka, gin, and some other liquor (I can't remember it). We tasted the vodka first and we were amazed at the flavor--a bit oaky with a hint of vanilla.Then we tried the gin.

Now, I'm not usually a big gin fan. I think it's like drinking a pine forest. However, this gin some actually pretty good with an herb-citrus taste. As we tasted, we also learned some interesting trivia. For instanceย Sound Spirits, the distillery we were at, produces the first spirits to be distilled in Seattle since Prohibition.


Should we buy a bottle? We thought and came up with many reason towards YES. (1) We were impressed with the flavors...very different (2) we were in need of something for cool drinks at home. (3) We were having a good day. (4) We wanted to support the local business. (5) It's an OCTOPUS. So yes, we purchased the vodka.

Tonight was the big trial. We bought some very special tonic water that Josh has always wanted to buy, Q Tonic (doesn't it look fancy?). We bought some limes. We broke out the ice. Voila! A vodka tonic. Yum. Something to help our Sunday blues. Sigh. HooHumm.