Little Dumplings

Last Friday, while I was down in the warm, sunshine of Pasadena, I had my first dumplings. And this wasn't at just any dumpling place. Apparently, this is THE dumpling place, Din Tai Fung Dumpling House. It's a little restaurant hidden in Arcadia of all places. What where we doing in Arcadia, you say? Eating dumplings! (And the fact that we were on our way south to Encinitas).

I have to be honest, I wasn't sure about this whole dumpling thing. Ravolis without sauce? How good could that be? And eating just a bunch of dumplings? Is that even filling? But Lindsay insisted that they were good little dumplings. I would not be disappointed....and, I wasn't.

I didn't just get to digg in to these dumplings. They had a whole system there that I had never seen before. You put your name in and you get a menu and a ticket. While you wait, you fill in your order (e.g. the item and quantity). When you get to your seat, you hand over your menu. Then you get a letter and another checklist. As they bring the different items to you, they circle what they brought. Repeat until you've received all your food. Interesting system.

What we orders: Pork dumplings, Veggie Dumplings, and 2 Pork-Veggie buns. Yes, we like pork. Yes, we like veggies. Deal with it. Look yummy dumplings. And in case we didn't know how to eat, we are even given instructions on our chopstick wrapper...(they should add: worse case scenario, use fingers).

Dumpling How-toOur little dumplings

Look at us use those chopsticks...what skills.

Mom eats DumplingsHeather eats DumplingsLindsay eats Dumplings

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