Bridal Shower, Part Deux

Last weekend was my second bridal shower, my Encinitas bridal shower. It was hosted and run by Pat Richardson and Sue Hartley, my second and third moms. It was also the 'coming together of the families' shower. This was big time shower - this wasn't a drizzle or misty shower, but a downpour of friends and family.

Let's start with the stats:

  • Roughly 25 guests

  • 1 Bride

  • 1 MOB + 1 MOG

  • 1 Bridesmaid + 1 Jr Bridesmaid

  • 1 FOB (acting as butler) alongside Host's Husband

  • 1 Reader

  • Location: Encinitas, CA


It was a lovely meeting of the families. There was a game to start everyone mingling and intermixing - a people hunt. We had to find someone that matched the something on the list. For instance, Who watches "Say Yes to the Dress," or who married their high school sweetheart. This broke and ice and soon everyone was laughing and have a great time.


(Isn't it funny...we're wearing name tags!)

Then we moved onto phase two: food. We all enjoyed some delicious chicken salad, Panera bread, and some fresh brewed ice tea. For the sweet tooth, delicious carrot cake cupcakes. And to keep the conversations rolling during lunch, we were given some wedding trivia. Did you know that Queen Victoria started the tradition of wearing a white wedding dress?

With full tummies and happy people, we all migrated to the living room to do a little bit of gift opening. And my little, I really mean the exact opposite, LOTS of gift unwrapping. I did try to make in enjoyable for everyone with my awesome facial expressions as captured in some photos.

I also got a lovely rehearsal bow bouquet from all the ribbons and bows on the gifts. Actually, Laurie Galloway made it as I tore through all the presents. I learned only towards the end that the number of bow rips equals the number of kids you'll have. Luckily I'm a pro gift opener and didn't have much trouble. BUT I wouldn't have minded ripping 1 or 2 bows...


Then we all mingled a bit more and then the party was over. And what a lovely party it was; down to every detail, even the flowers. Thanks Pat & Sue!!