Snows Hits Seattle

Before snow ever comes to Seattle, there is always chatter around town. You hear people talking, "Did you hear? We're getting snow." And then everyone starts to freak out--people posting stuff on Facebook (for instance, this video), articles in the paper come out, people get worried about our buses and streets. And while everyone who has lived in a city where snow is normal, laugh and chuckle, it's really quite a production when it snows here.

This snow news has been up and down since Friday. While we've been getting some snow everyday since Saturday (none of it really sticking, at least by us), we are all waiting for the "big day." The day we'll be bucketed with snow. And that day kept changing...Wednesday, no Tuesday, no wait it really will be Wednesday. Then, Wednesday, but not as much snow as predicted.

And Wednesday it was. Last night we got our first real snow of the winter. And the snow stuck. Not a huge amount, but a solid few inches here in the city. I do know that outside the city, there was quite a few more inches though.

While I'm in my cave (cough, I mean office), I look out and see swirls of snow falling. I also hear kids laughing since apparently folks have picked up sledding down the street. Even when I walked out at lunch to take a few photos, I saw a few teens with their snowboards walking up the street. Did I mention I'm still working today? No snow fun day for me (nor Josh for that matter). Jealous glare.

 Now let's just hope SeaTac is open and running like normal for my flight to Portland tomorrow.

Snow-laden Home Snow View from my Window