Down Low, Up High

On Saturday our bed went from being down low to up high. How? We got our bed frame!

You may recall back in early November I wrote about our new mattress (Comfy at 35 and 60). This was our wonderful Sleep Number mattress bed. Unfortunately, our mattress came before the frame because the frame was on back order with Crate and Barrel. Translate this to mean: we've been sleeping on the floor.

Okay, well it wasn't the floor, but the mattress sitting on the floor. Luckily, the mattress is pretty high, so it turned out to be a relatively a normal height. HOWEVER, now that we have the bed frame, that normal height isn't so normal. We are now sitting a royal 30 inches from the ground.

We sort of feel ridiculous being so high. If it were a bigger house and a bigger room, it would look very elegant. But being a smaller apartment with a smaller room, it's a bit tight. My feet dangle as I sit on the edge of the bed. I'm just fearful, I'll wake up in my usual slump to get out of bed, forget it's high and fall flat on my face. I can picture it now.

Our New Bed Our New Bed Frame

Take a careful look at the pictures. Look at the bed stands...see where they compare to the bed? Yes, my friends, that's how Josh & I roll, I guess you could say we're high rollers in a way.