Twenty 12

Before we go all crazy about 2012, let's remember 2011. It was a fabulous year. I had so many awesome things happen. To name a few: 2 bridal showers, a bachelorette trip/party, snowshoeing, visits to SoCal & Chicago, people visiting me, a Hawaii honeymoon...oh yea, and got married. Not to mention, I continued to bake and drink coffee (even though I left the SBux position) ((hence those pics in my collage).


Now off we go into 2012. This year I'm a Brown. My first year as a Brown; should be interesting. Will it be easier to tell people my last name? Will I be the first to be called or in line? Only time will tell.

You know, everyone talks about resolutions in January. Honestly, I think they are a bit overdone. I mean, how often do people finish, or even remember, their resolutions? Oh sure, I make a few myself, but they tend to be pretty broad - be healthy, go outdoors, bake more often. I think I can manage. I usually do these things anyways.

I read a blog called Joy the Baker. She has some good stuff. She says some funny stuff too. For instance, her blog about resolutions (last year, still applies tho). I really like her approach on mini-seasonally resolutions (here). Now that's more like it.

Okay, enough on resolutions. How about NYE (that's New Years Eve), you say?

That was fun. Chill, but fun. We had our friends Aaron & Liddy over. I made some mojitos, we got some Vietnamese take-out, and we played Bananagrams (<-- it's like speed Scrabble). Fun times. Sorry, no pics, we were too busy chatting and playing. Imagine a small living room, a small coffee table, and four people sitting around the table. That's what NYE was like.

Here's to a great 2012!