Bay Area Fly-by

I'll keep this post short...mainly because the trip was short. Super short. Like 24 hour where 7 of those hours were sleeping, short. But, it was sweet...short and sweet, that is.

Last weekend we were doing in the Bay Area from Nick and Annie's wedding. Nick is Josh's cousin, who also happened to go to Santa Clara University. We headed down on Saturday morning to catch the wedding Saturday late afternoon. Unfortunately, we got stuck with fog. Darn you SFO and your stupid fog! And luck was not our side, as the rental car line was crazy long, and there was random traffic on the 101. Sigh.

Alas, we missed the ceremony, but we made it in time for the reception. We were bummed to miss the ceremony (it was at SCU Mission!), but...

Luckly, the reception was a blast. It was at the Allied Arts Guild which was a top runner when Josh & I were considering getting married in the Bay Area. It's a little gem of a place in the middle of a Palo Alto neighborhood.

Allied Arts Guild - Nick & Annie's Wedding Allied Arts Guild

Nick and Annie were a beautiful couple, and we were happy we made it (or, at least to part of it!).

Sunday we had breakfast with the family. Being Seattle coffee snobs, we were sure to grab a coffee nearby at Philz Coffee (I mean, who wants hotel coffee!). This place seems to be all the rage. They do the pour over method. Not half bad...

Philz Coffee

Before hitting up the airport, we made a quick escape Now, where do you suppose I'd go if I got 30 minutes time in the Bay Area? If you know me, you know it's...YUMI.

Yumi Yogurt The Great Yumi Sign

And that was basically it. Fly down, party, sleep, hang with family, yogurt, fly home. A fly-by trip for sure. And we came home to this:

Returning to Seattle