Good Stuff

Ahh, I'm seriously behind on my blog. So, please take this time to enjoy some random, but fun links I've compiled.

*Dog Shaming - This was "trending" a few weeks ago. But, it's freaking hiliarious and cute at the same time. Those naughty animals.

*This Advertising Life - Okay, you may only get this if you're in the advertising slash marketing slash creative world. But, I think it's awesome. And too true. But for all of you in an office, this might resonate.

*Bloopers - Now, who doesn't like a good bloopers wheel?

*Anderson Cooper - You didn't see this? Really, you're

*Go Pugs - I this this is pretty funny. My favorite is the last pug picture with the googles.

*What to Read - You just finished a great book and you don't know what's next. Check out this handy 

Over and out.