Goodbye Summer

Goodbye summer, it's been nice, hope you find your paradise ... I've really enjoyed my stay, but I must be moving on. Come on, sing along...

Okay, that was dorky, but that is literally what I start singing to myself when I hear, "goodbye summer." That's me; welcome to my world.

Now let's officially say goodbye to summer by revisiting some moments (via Instagram):

The Yurts 30th Birthday Cake

In June, Josh took me to Cave B Inn for my birthday. We stayed in a Yurt. It was so beautiful there, but so windy. We thought we were going to blow away that night.

I switched decades this year. I turned the big 3-0. Sigh. Ahh well, doesn't really feel much different anyways.

Giraffe! The Whoopie Pie

After living in Seattle for two years, we finally made it to the Woodland Park Zoo. I realized that I was spoiled as a kid with the San Diego Zoo. But, who doesn't like to see giraffes and tigers?

I made my first ever whoopie pie and it won Crowd Favorite at the Oddfellow's Annual Whoopie Pie Contest. Mine was a lemon lavendar whoopie pie. Yummie.

 Bavarian Lunch Sunset in West Seattle

My parents came and visited us, and we all headed out to Leavenworth. It was hot, but the pretzels and beer made up for that.

Seattle gave us some awesome weather. We got to see the sun for three entire months, it was glorious. This sunset was taken over in West Seattle.

New York Skyline Pike Place Market

For work I went out to New York City for a two day onsite. I got to slip away for a few hours and be a tourist. Now, I want to go back and be a total tourist.

Or, why not be a tourist in your own town? Josh and I like to do that. We go downtown to Pike Place Market and walk around. I just love the flowers there. I heart Seattle.

Morning Coffee EMP Seattle

I really enjoyed this morning. The sun was shining, I had a steamy cup of coffee, and my PB and banana biscuit was on its way. Loving the mornings (only if it's after 9am though - one must sleep in).

Josh has had a hankering to go to the EMP Museam forever. When a German girl visited us (that's another story), we took her here. It was the history of Seattle music. A fun music if you're into music. 

Flying by Mt Rainier Vegas...not Paris

We rarely see Mount Rainer in the winter/spring because it's so gray and rainy. Summer is the magical month when we drive around town and can see the mountain towering in the distance. You know what I think when I see it, "man, what if that think erupted!" (Yes, I'm morbid like that).

We took our annual, big trip to Vegas and Zion. This is the Eiffel Tower in Vegas, not Paris (but if we were in Paris, that would have been awesome). But Vegas was fun, especially since the last time I saw it, I was about 8 years old. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas (or not).

Our backyard for the week Banana Nutella Cookies

As I said above, our big trip for the year was in Zion. My in-laws where there and we all had a blast. The picture is of our "backyard" for the week. Not too shabby, eh?

I baked a ton. Even in the warm weather, I baked. I love baking. These nutella banana cookies were the bomb.

Happy Hour Fun  Summer at Last

You can't let summer go by without a little happy hour and mojitos. Mojitos are a fav of mine.

I rocked these pink heart sunglasses. I'm pretty cool. And that ice cream was oh-so-good.

And that, my friends, was our summer. Now...

Hello Fall.