The Big 3.0.

Yes, I turned 30 yesterday. And you know what, being 30 ain't that bad. I don't feel any older, and I don't think I look any older than I did a few days ago, or even a year ago really. Heck, people still think I'm 20-something. In other words, 30 is a good age.

Now that I'm a mature 30 year old, I'd like to give all you younger folks a bit of advice in my older age - pass along some wisdom. I could give you 30 tips on life, but Joy did this already. Read her post, I think she covers it. I like this one:

"Being thirty one does not suck unless you think it sucks for some reason."

I don't think it sucks. In fact, I celebrated it and indulged in it. I love birthdays. It feels so good to hear from all your family and friends, it makes you feel special. So hugs and kisses to you all.

And be like me: EAT CAKE.

30th Birthday Cake

(Shh, don't tell, I made my own cake and ate it)

Oh, and look at these beautiful flowers my In-Laws gave me. Delivered straight to my desk at the office. They make me smile. 

Birthday Flowers

Happy Birthday to me. And thanks to you all for making it so special. Thank you.