Beauty, Wine, & Wind

This birthday was a big one for me, a turn of another decade of my life. But I celebrated in style, thanks to my wonderful husband. He put a lot of effort into making my 30th great. Gotta love him! 

The celebration began on Friday night after work. I got to open my presents. I got some great gifts including some new photography tools. My parents got me a new lens, a 42mm. Josh got me filters - UV ray and polarized filters. You'll get to see the results of these soon. Not to forget, a cute necklace from my sis, and ticket to Cirque de Soleil for when we visit Las Vegas from the Browns. 

Saturday morning, Josh and I drove off to have a special birthday getaway. We went to Cave B Inn out near Quincy, WA. The drive there is about 2.5 hours and goes through Snoqualmie Pass and then past windmills, then ends up at a beautiful river gorge. 

Driving near Cle Elum Windmills near Ellensburg

On our drive there, we made a lunch stop in a cute little town called Roslyn. You might know it from the TV show, Northern Exposure since this is where it was filmed. We walked around and re-fueled at a delicious sandwich place called Mountain Mermaid.

Beauty (and Resorts)

When we reached Cave B, we were awed by it's beauty. The resort sat right next to the gorge with grape vines growing all around. The resort itself we awesome too. 

Sunset on the Gorge Cave B Inn at Sunset

Wine (and Food)

The resort not only was a beautiful hotel, but also a winery. We got there in the late afternoon and ended up spending the remainder of our afternooon having a glass of wine and looking out at the gorge. Did I mention the weather was sunny and warm with a nice cooling wind? 

Heather enjoying wine Josh enjoying wine

That night we enjoyed my birthday meal at the Cave B's restaurant, Tendrils. We sat at the window and did some more looking out at the gorge, and at our tasty food. Yumm halibut, my favorite. Ohhh, bread pudding, I do adore thee.

Lavender Lemon Drop Bread Pudding Dessert

Wind (and Yurts)

Cave B also has these cool Yurts, which are like a cross between a hotel room, a tent, and a hut. They have a bed, electricity, shower, and all those regular hotel amenities, but it's a tent. Fun, right? Well, not so fun when you start getting 40+ mph winds hitting you. At one point, a big gust hit around 2am, and Josh sat up and declared, "That's It!" Apparently he was dreaming of the yurt blowing down, and was preparing for us to exacute. But we survived the night, maybe with a bit less sleep than we would have liked. Next time, it's a cliffhouse (probably work the extra bucks).

Our Yurt at Cave B Inn Yurts at Sunset

The next morning the winds were still blowing, so we nix the swimming idea. So we enjoyed our brunch and headed home.

A beautiful weekend celebrating my special day. Thanks Josh! ♥

P.S. Do you see the results of my new lens and filters in my pictures. Please say yes, please say yes. 

H&J at Cave B Inn