On Our TV

Want to know what we do after about 8:30/9pm on weekdays? The TV turns on and we hunder down. I cosy up on the couch with my blanket, while Josh sits in his IKEA lounge chair with his laptop. Picture it? Good. Now, here's just a few things we watch:

Downton Abbey

This show is my recent addiction. I absolutely adore it. I remember first learning of this show on the flight home from my training in Chicago. The lady next to me pulled out her laptop and started watching it. I couldn't help but watch from the corner of my eyes.

Then, I was reading the Pioneer Woman, and she brought it up (psst, her post has some funny quotes from it, read it). Plus, I saw it had Hetty King from Avonlea (I think only my sister will understand this one). I'm now convinced I'll like this show.

So, I mentioned it here and there when Josh and I went over the "what do you want to watch?" quesiton. Finally, the other week, Josh agreed to it. And thus began our new TV obsession (notice, I saw "we").


Only the cool kids know that SYTYCD is So You Think You Can Dance. I've been watching this show since season 2 - I'm dedicated. It's like American Idol, but dance, and better. Oh so much better. The dancers are amazing. They have them paired up and choregrapher's having them dance all sorts of styles. I love watching it. And Josh doesn't mind it either (score!). This season is looking promising. It's only been auditions, and the season starts next week. I dare you to watch it! P.S. Funny that the ad before the clip below is Kodex. That sure tells you about the audience).

Star Wars

Josh is on a mission. He is on a mission to made me a Star Wars geek just like him. Okay, I think he'll settle with me just being able to identify scences and charaters accurately. Rather than me just saying stuff like, "you know, the blobby snail guy. That guy, you know!" (answer here)

So Josh treat on our last Target visit, was the full DVD Blu-ray Star Wars set (it was on sale!). Last night the watching began with The Phantom Menace. Please note: It was a huge debate which to start with, Episode 1 or 3. Oh the dilemmas. And now ask yourself this...Who shot first? (This is Josh's new favorite question).

Stay tuned for more on another post.