Just Sayin'

Sometimes I just go onto Etsy to just browse around. Often it's for jewerly, pillows (did I mention I love pillows? pillows and blankets - it's cuddle thing), or just cute posters or signs. I get lost in the next > next > next nature of website browsing. What if, on the next page, is something I absolutely MUST have?! Not that I'll buy it or anything, but it's always good to know what I like. 

So just the other day, I was doing just that, browsing Etsy, and came across this poster. I thought it perfect, not that I'm going to buy it, but I thought I'd share especially since I apparently think I'm some sort of big deal. Or maybe I am? I mean this is MY blog isn't it?

And I definitely want to give credit to this artist, ParadaCreations.