Celebrate USA

4th of July Seattle 

Not only is the 4th of July a great day to celebrate our wonderful country, but it's also a holiday and we get the day off work. Woot Woot. 

I have to say getting a Wednesday off was a bit random, and sort of threw me off a bit, but hey I'll take the day off. And it was a lovely day at that. The best part, I got to sleep in. Ahh, sleep. 

Josh and I had a pretty low key 4th. We went for a walk at the Arboretum in the early afternoon. Then later in the afternoon I tested my whoopie pie recipe. Yes, whoopie. I am entering into a bake-off competition on Tuesday (more to come on that).

Then for dinner we BBQ'd some hot dogs, hamburgers, and corn. And enjoyed that with some juicy watermelon. Can a meal get any more American? Yes, add whoopie pie for dessert! 

The day ended with a walk up Queen Anne hill to view some fireworks. Hurrah for America!

 Walk at ArboretumArboretum FlowersWalk at Arboretum