Odds and Ends

So, it's probably been too long since my last post. People are probably giving up on my whole blog thing, right? Wait, no? You're still there. Whew. I was worried.

I really just haven't had anything much to write about. Life is going well, but nothing crazy exciting. Nothing, at least, worthy to earn a whole blog post to itself. So, that's why today's post is going to be a mumble jumble of things that Josh and I (or just me, or just Josh) have been doing lately.

1. Eating Out.

Last Friday we were having dinner in Ballard, and we felt like grabbing some dessert. We headed over to Hot Cakes and shared a S'mores molten chocolate hot cake. It was pretty dang delicious. This place is "hot" right now - all sorts of articles and news about it such as the Serious Eats blog.

I went out for sushi last week, to Momiji Sushi, with my co-workers. If you know me, you'll know I'm not a huge sushi eater. I like fish, but cooked fish. Maybe I just haven't had the right sushi? I really want to like it - it's a texture thing. So, I ordered a specialty roll with tempura veggies - delicious. But we over did it with the ordering. The entire table was laden with sushi. No joke. The blurry picture I have here doesn't do it justice.

Tons of Sushi S'mores Chocolate Cake

2. Baking.

Did you know I pretty much backone sweet thing a week? Crazy. Last week I made this Rhubarb Strawberry Crisp. I'd never used rhubarb successfully before until now. It seems the trick is to have the rhubarb sit in sugar for 30 minutes. Yum.

Yesterday I tried to make blondies for the first time ever. They are basically the inverse of brownies. These were from a blog I read called Joy the Baker. These were chocolate and ginger blondies. A tip from someone who's made and eaten these: eat them at room temp. Better that way; trust me.

Ginger Chocolate Blondies Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

3. Visiting Vashon.

We also have visited another Puget Sound island, Vashon. We wanted to do an outdoor activity with our friends Aaron and Liddy, but not go too far outta town. We found a hike along the water in Vashon and gave it a try. It was a lovely walk/hike along the water. And there was driftwood. Liddy tried to bring it home, but we got told by the gate man that we couldn't take it. Sad.

Aaron with Driftwood Puget Sound from Vashon

4. Shopping.

We went to University Village this weekend. I enjoy this mall because it reminds me of the malls at home - outdoors. It's not so fun in the rain, but when the weather is nice. Love it. I got some new bowls at Crate and Barrel because my bowls when crashing to the floor (after the crisp baking) and broke. 

5. Video Games.

I actually don't play, but Josh does. Generally, when I'm doing something on my computer (e.g. writing a blog post), Josh grabs the chance to play. And he got a new headset, so I don't have to hear. How sweet.

Josh, the Gamer, playing