Vegas - Zion Recap

Now that it's been a week, my trip seems like a long ago memory. A great memory, but feels like ages since I was there. But, I'm not ready to let go yet, so let's do a quick recap of what we did on our trip.

Saturday & Sunday: We arrived at the Las Vegas airport, and that's where we started our trip. I can't tell you what happened there because...what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Okay, we're not that crazy, I'll tell you. We walked around the hotels, ate some good food, and saw a fab show. Read more at my post: What Happens in Vegas

Welcome Las Vegas Larson's Milkshakes

Monday: Mostly a driving day. Don and Nada drove us out to Zion. We did a stop for delicious shakes in St. George. Banana Cream Pie shake, uh hello delicious. Once we arrived at Zion, we did a quick park preview, and had dinner in town. 

Tuesday: This was basically my introduction day to Zion. We went to the lodge, took the tram, checked out the visitor center and natural museum, and had lunch at the lodge. Then we headed to the east side of the park to capture some pictures of hoodoos and of Checkerboard Mesa. Isn't hoodoo a fun word? Are you even sure you know what it is? Here's a photo:

Hoodoo Father and Son

Wednesday: Did you know the Grand Canyon, Bryce, and Zion are all on the Colorado Plateau? We took the day to go visit Bryce. What a crazy place?! You just look at the canyon and see thousands of hoodoo and doohoos (I made up the 2nd word). Read all about my day on my post: Flip Flopping in Bryce

Then, on our drive back, we saw buffalo - right up against the fence! And some big horn sheep, which I hear is rarther rare (and we saw a whole herd!). And captured a cool tree. Ready it on: Buffalo, Sheep, and a Tree

Thursday: This was our big hike day. We hiked the Narrows. Basically you hike through the river with towering canyon walls on either side of you. Crazy awesome, and beautiful. Probably one of the best hikes I've done in my life. Read my post (do it): Walking in Water

Friday: Do you love lazy days? I do. So relaxing. Friday was pretty relaxing (and time to recuperate from the hike). We celebrated our anniversary with a tasty lunch at the Flying Monkey (great pizza, btw). We randomly saw my Aunt Jan & Uncle Dave at the grocery store - crazy weird. We picked apples at the orchard, I make a dang good apple crumble. To top if off, we visited Grafton. Read more: Ghost Town and a Tractor

Saturday: We did some driving in a beautiful area called Kolob for the first part of the day. We saw some changing colors of fall. And just some beautiful sites. At the end of the day, we saw incredible petroglyphs. Can you believe people like 7000 years ago roamed the Earth? Hear more about my thoughts on this matter: Off the Beaten Path

Quaking Aspens, Kolob Kave Knoll, Kolob

Sunday: Today was a celebration day...Nada's Birthday (my mother-in-law). We did a little walking around Springdale, and then enjoyed some time at the spa. Ahhh spa.

Monday: What a sad day...our last day. We finished it with a hike to Emerald Pools. Then it was back to Las Vegas airport and back home. Tear.

Emerald Pools Falls Emerald Pools

What a great trip! 

"Iconic" Zion