Walking in Water

Yesterday we walked in water. Okay, it was a hike and it was through Zion's Narrows. It was a breathtaking hike with the walk off the canyon stretching way up above your head. The canyon twists and turns following the Virgin River. 

We had to rent special water shoes (although there were some fools that just went in tennis shoes, bare feet, or sandels...idiots). Don't I look stylish in these shoes. Not to mention, my even more stylish board shorts in Hawaiian print.

Special Shoes for Water Hiking

We started off in the morning around 9am (after taking a tram to get to the trail head). The hike starts off as a leisurely sidewalk hike, then the real fun starts when you reach the beginning of The Narrows. While the tourists behind us stayed on the trail, we walking straight into the water to continue the hike.

The start of The Narrows

Yes, you heard me, you walk through the water. There are bits of land here and there, but for the most part you trek through the flowing water, which mind you, is pretty chilly in the morning.

But you bare the chill, and walk because you get great views:

Down the Narrows

The towering walls are so majestic.

The Narrows

Gosh, did I say how beautiful it was?

        Jutting Rocks on Trail Rock Walls of the Narrows

I might have to say, this was my favorite hike ever. And we had such a great time. Here's the happy hikers:

             Josh in the Narrows Don in the Narrows Nada in the Narrows Hiking the Narrows

P.S. If you've noticed, I've also been practicing my photography with the help of my dear father-in-law, Don. He's such a talented photographer and I'm learning lots (more to come on that though). He also has a blog - great photos so check it out. I've been an obsessed maniac taking TONS of pictues and then editing on Aperture in the evenings. I've begun uploading to Flickr, so be sure to check out all of The Narrows (and more!).

Hiking the Narrows