Buffalo, Sheep, and a Tree

Thursday we took a day trip from Zion and headed out to Bryce. I'll write about Bryce later because right now I want to tell you about the buffalo, some sheep, and a tree.

That might seem like an odd mix, but this is exactly what we saw on our way home from Bryce. First we were driving along and saw just a herd of buffalo munching on the grass. Don did a U-ie (aka a U-Turn), and we hopped out of the car. 

These buffalo were super close to the fence; it was crazy. And the light was perfect. It was the "magic" light time. This is really, no joke, a photography term and is a photographer's dream time of day. So, Don, being my photography teacher for the week, thought this would be an opportune time for some lessons. 

Here's the buffalo shot I got:

Buffalo of Zion

We kept driving, and around the Checkerboard Mesa area, we saw some cars pulled over. This is a telltale sign that there is some wildlife present. So, we stopped. And I look out the car window, and standing right there is a huge heard of Bighorn Sheep. It was absolutely amazing. I couldn't get a good shot, but in the distance was a big ram with the horns that circle around. This is one of the photos I got from my window. They look so unreal...crazy.

Mountain Sheep

Lucky for us, it was still the "magic" hour when we passed by this super cool, twisted tree. Don and I hopped out and climbed up to get some shots of the tree. My favorite is the close up I got from the tree:

Twisted Tree

Here's another angle of that same tree. Isn't that light great?

Twisted Tree


And that, my friends, is the story of how a buffalo, sheep, and tree are related.