Off the Beaten Path

There is a secret in Zion, and it's off the beaten path. There are petroglyphs in some of the mountain sides, but it's off an un-marked trail. Once you get there, signs are posted about the just have to be "in the know" to see them.

Just think about it. People were roaming around Zion 7000 years ago (some even earlier). That's a looong time ago. It's hard to even fathom what that must have been like, or what the people were like. Crazy thought; blows my mind. And they left us signs and cool drawings of their lives. 

These petroglyphs are very clear, which I found amazing. Here we have towering mountains created by the erosion of water, wind, etc and yet these survived. They are in a overhang, and sheltered area, so that probably helped. Look at these:

Zion Petroglyphs

You can see rivers, people, sheep, and a series of circles (of life?). There were hunters, and some others we couldn't quite pinpoint. Check out the bigger pictures of the petroglyphs on my Flickr page.

Speaking of "off the beaten path," we did something else that fits into this catagory. We had a picnic on the top of mesa in Zion at sunset. To get to the mesa, we had to go onto a dirt path (again, not really marked), and up the side of the mesa, on a single car, dirt road. Yikes!

Don and Nada found this special spot exploring one day. What a great find! We certainly enjoyed our meal, and the view. Not to mention, a beautiful sunset.

Picnic on the Mesa

Need a closer look at that gorgous view. Oh, well try this:

Our Backyard for the Week

That's us. Trail blazers.