Ghost Town and a Tractor

All my life I assumed a ghost town had ghosts; that it was haunted. I don't think anyone has ever told me this directly, but I just assumed with the word ghost. I guess I assumed incorrectly. Apparently it's just a town that has been abandoned. 

Or so they think, how could a town that was first flooded, and then attacked by Indians, not have ghosts? I'm pretty sure there must be a ghost roaming somewhere, right? Think about it.

When I was there, I didn't get goosebumps, or feel a cool breathe on my neck, but I did see a neat cemetary and a few houses at Grafton on Friday.

Here's the town. (This awesome panaramic was taken with Josh's iPhone using the new iOS6.) 

 Grafton Panarama

There is a church-schoolhouse, a two-story home, and an older, single home.

Grafton Church Grafton Home

Just a short jump-skip away is the cemetary. Ohh, spooky. Any ghosts here? Maybe. I just didn't see any. The cemetary is relatively small, but the graves are cool. They seem to date mostly in the 1800s. Unfortunately, I hear there were headstones that were stolen not too long ago. But some still remain, like the Ballard family. I think they passed away due to diphtheria. Others killed by Indians, or fallend off a swing. Crazy to think about their stories. (got this info from the sign, and this site...if you need me to quote sources).

Graft on Cemetary Grafton Cemetary

And in the field nearby, we came across a tractor. Maybe the ghosts are running the tractor? Probably not. But it made for some great photo opps.

Grafton Tractor

Here's a cool close up.

Grafton Tractor

Do you believe in ghosts? If so, you might want to invest in a app for it.

But to end on a calmer note, here's the beautiful Grafton view.

Grafton View