Little Bavaria in WA

Deep in the mountain of Washington, there is a cute village that brings you to your very own Bavaria. Right when you see the "Welcome to Leavenworth" sign, you leave the US and enter into a mini-Bavaria. A little bit of Germany right here in the states.

This past weekend my parents visited Josh and I. Instead of going around Seattle, we took them to WA's little Germany, Leavenworth. And we didn't even have to go on a nine hour flight! We enjoyed pretzels, brats, beer, spaetzle, you know, German fare. ;)

 Hot Dog!  Pretzel Face Mom

The buildings are adorable and so pretty with the flower baskets hanging. But the heat, oh my, the heat. Of all the weekends my parents were here, we have the hottest weekend of the year. But, I guess it's not as hot as other areas of the country (we're not really used to the heat here in WA).

 Flowers in Leavenworth  Downtown Leavenworth

We stayed the night at the Enzian Inn which carried on the Bavarian theme. In the morning, we also had our very own Alphorn play as we enjoyed breakfast.

All in all, it was a great mini trip. Next up, Solvang!