Fried Goodness

About two weekends ago, Josh and I along with my friend Beth, went to the annual Ballard Seafood Fest. Given it's title, we excepted there to be tons of seafood. We envisioned booths and booths of seafood - seafood to eat, seafood fresh to buy (like at Pike Place), seafood gadgets, etc. Right? Wouldn't you except seafood at a seafood fest?

Okay, so there was seafood. Just not tons of it. I would say that there was a higher than average number of seafood food booths in the food vendor section alongside the traditional fair food. Basically, it was a street fair. Don't get me wrong, I like street fairs, but my expectations were all out of wack.

I think what we'll really remember most from the Seafood Fest is the fried twinkie experience. There was some debate as to what fried food to get - there was so much! There was fried candy bar, fried PB&J, fried oreo, even fried rootbeer floast (say what?!). 

Fried Truck

The decision was...fried twinkie. It had to be done. And Josh stepped up to the plate (pun intended). (Believe it or not, Josh had NOT had a fried twinkie in his life yet).

Here's the Twinkie and Josh as he received the twinkie (look at that smile).

The Twinkie Deep Fried Twinkie

But then it consumed him (yes, it consumed him). Look at that bite. Like I said, it consumed him.

Josh eating Twinkie

And that was the memory we took away with us from the Ballard Seafood Fest. Fried twinkies.