Good Stuff

I'm online a lot, it's my job. Okay, it's not my job to find fun links and stuff, but I do come across some cool / funny / awesome things. I thought I'd share:


  • Our Earth is pretty amazing. Seriously, watch this.
  • Have I ever shared The Oatmeal with you? When you need a laugh, go here. I think the Seattle one is hilarious.
  • If you're aiming to go hipster, you can start with Cuppow. They are plastic lids for your mason jar. It turns the mason jar into a travel mug. So hipster.
  • I love latte art. It makes your coffee all that more special. Check out this cool 3D latte art. And it's a cute bear. Love it.
  • This is how I dance when nobody is looking. Hint: Wait till the end, that the best part. 
  • Maybe I should gift this to my dad this Christmas. A pet vacuum. Now, that'll get some hair. (If you know my dad, you know what I'm talkin' about).
  • Miss the Olympics already? Check out Gold Medalist Gabby in the air! Or, for some laughs, check out the diver's faces. Think that's funny, which do you think is funnier, divers or figure skaters?