Give Thanks


As corney and cliche as it sounds, today I've been thinking of how thankful I am for my husband, family, friends, and country. I love you all so very much. Now...let's eat Turkey!

Okay, not quite yet with the turkey. It's still in the oven, but it smells heavenly. It's just Josh and I this year sharing a little feast of our own. I'll share photos and recipes later (if it turns out good that is, if not, I don't want to share any "loser" dishes, ya know?!). 

We started our Thanksgiving out with some Peet's Coffee (I had a delicious Gingerbread latte...yum!). I thought their coffee carrier turkey was too cute:

Box Turkey Wine and Brussels Sprouts

While I cook and wait for my food, I thought I'd enjoy a nice glass of sweet, sparkling white wine. I just bought it at Whole Foods this morning - Fior d'Arancio. So delicious. Me and sweet wine! Probably why I'm so sweet (cough cough). And you guesssed it, we're having Brussels sprouts as a side dish (see the prep work going on behind my glass?).

And while you wait for your supper, or get over the food comma, have some laughs with this guide to Williams Sonoma that I found. HA!