Turkey Eating

As I mentioned in my post on Thanksgiving, Josh and I were doing Thanksgiving on our own this year. As you may have picked up from reading my blog, I actual enjoy the kitchen. I decided to take on the turkey challenge this year. Alright, not a whole turkey, but a turkey breast (and I got a thigh, too - that sounds funny). 

Feast for Two

You can't have turkey without all the fixings, so make a couple of sides, too. To Josh's dismay I passed on stuffing this year. Honestly, I haven't found a stuffing I really like. And with me being the cook, I decided it was not a priority. However, I did make my favorite Sweet Potato Casserole (recipe here). It's oh-so-good. It's practically dessert! And to tempt you more, it's from Cooking Light, believe it or not! 

I also make some Brussels Sprouts. I steared away from my usual Brussels sprouts recipe this year to try a different variation, Caramelized Brussels Sprouts (recipe here). This recipe is from a blog I've recently started following called Eat Live Run. She has some pretty good looking food, and these sprouts didn't disappoint. Plus they are on the stove top and my oven was busy. 

Thanksgiving Feast

To wrap up the food goodness, I made a Sweet Potato Pie. Now, I was extremely worried about this pie. You can ask my mom or Josh -- I talked to them both as it was in the oven. I said, "I just don't know, it's not setting." I was very upset. All this time to make it by scratch and it was failing. NOOO! But, luckly I was wrong. The pie came out great. In fact, it was crazy delicious. I wish I could mail you a piece. I think it's the strusel topping that took it to the next level. I'm salavating now. I should go grab a slice.

Do I have you begging for the recipe now? Okay, my Thanksgiving gift to you...

1. Make a crust. I grabbed the crust from this recipe. (I actually want to make that pie too)

2. Make the rest of the pie using this recipe. (I bet you can use this strusel topping on any pie!)

3. Bake and eat. 

Thanksgiving Pie

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Now....on to Christmas!!!