Wedding Then Anniversary

I was originally going to break this up into two posts, but time kept slipping away. Then as I was taking a shower this evening (yes, I'm a night shower person, deal with it), I had a, anniversary, those go hand-in-hand, I can easy make into one.

And so, my friends, this is a single post about my two weekends in November that involved a wedding one week and an anniversary the next.

First, the wedding. 

Josh and I headed down to see our college friend, Manuel, get hitched. And Josh was special enough to be in the wedding. What better place to see your college friend get married, than at the church on your old campus, eh?

It was nice to be back in our old stomping grounds and hanging out with "the gang" - just like the good, old days (wow, I'm already using that phase). However, it was weird to be in our old stomping ground, but not living there. It's not like you need to do tourist stuff. So then there's shopping, but we only brought a small suitcase (and there's that money thing). 

But I digress; back to the wedding talk. The wedding was very beautiful. Alley, the bride, now friend, was gorgeous and radiating happiness. I just love weddings. They are just so happy! The ceremony was at the Mission Church, and the reception was at Dolce Hayes Mansion. I have to give it to the bride & groom, they went all out with the reception. There were chandeliers, uplights, and a photo booth. 

Photo Booth - Heather & Josh Photo Booth - The Gang 2

Did I mention, there was a photo booth? Oh yea, we had fun with that. Good times were had by all. And so as not to bore you with all my pictures, here's a college. Or better yet, check out the wedding photographer's photos.

Bay Area Visit

Next, the Annivesary.

Big news for my parents...they have been married 40 years. That's a mighty long time together, and they're still going strong. I flew down home to join in the celebrations.

We did all the usual Heather-at-home activities. We went to Honey's for breakfast (I got a muffin, big surprise). We went to the Forum, UTC, and Golden Spoon yogurt. But, the big event was Saturday night dinner for the big celebration.

We went to a restaurant called Hexagone in Hillcrest (French, of course). Sadly, the restaurant didn't live up to our expectations (this reviewer says it all for me). But, all that aside, it was good to be with friends and family.

Brunch at the Cottage the next day made up for Hexagone's mistakes. We had them put candles in the french toast, and they gave my mom a free bag of granola. And everyone was happy once again.

It was great to celebrate with my parents on their big 40th anniversary, and I'm so glad I was able to fly down and join in the fun.

Visiting Home / Encinitas

Now, you know why I was so busy in November. Two back-to-back weekends of travel, with crazy busy work weeks in between. I think I'm almost caught up now, almost. ; )