Mastering Macarons

Saturday I took a most awesome class at Sur La Table called Mastering Macarons. I went with my fellow baker and friend, Beth.

It was not just some demo class, but a hands-on class where you get to do the baking with a professional guiding you. The instructor, Mary, was a quirky one, but also quite qualified. She made it funny and informational.

There were about fifteen of us (or so), and we broke out into four groups and we each got our own workstation. Beth and I lucked out and got our own station, right next to the instructor...score!

Mastering Macarons

For the class, the instructor would show us a technique, and then we got to try it out ourselves. Each station got a different flavor macaron. We got banana.

Some tips I learned, and will now share with you (because your special):
- Take the egg whites out at least three hours ahead of time
- Shift the flour four times (yes, four!)
- Don't over beat the eggs - soft peeks, not stiff peeks
- Wait to put the macarons in the oven (patience, my friend)
- Cool them upside down

Some of the flavors we all baked were: chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio, and banana. For fillings we made: chocolate ganache, banana, and praline buttercream. Look at these beauties...

The Macarons

Next weekend's challenge is making some on my own. Yay!