Christmas is a-Glow

Look at our Christmas tree! It's all a-glow. Isn't it beautiful? I have a secret on how to take this photo. Check out this blog. Or, here's the stats: ISO 3200, f/1.8, ss30th. Note: You'll need a DSRL camera. 

Glowing Christmas Tree

With the same camera settings, I also got these shots:

Christmas Gift Heather with Gift

As for the tree, we bought it the first weekend of December. Growing up my family always bought the tree mid-December. For me, this always seemed way too close to Christmas. You put all this effort into decorating it, so why not enjoy it for the whole month. So now, that's exactly what Josh and I do. 

Here's us at the tree lot. We caught a nice 30 minute window of no rain. Sweet!

Getting the Tree

The Christmas season is here, and I'm all a-glow!