Party...On A Boat

Yes, I was at a party on a boat. You know...On A Boat! (Oh, you're not "in the know" - well, I'm referencing this SNL skit). So yea, I'm on a Boat. 

The party (on a boat) was actually my office party. Our office is cool like have a party on a boat. Must be all the creative juices that flow in our office. 

It was Thursday night, and we all got dressed up in our cocktail attire. Don't we look smashing?

Responsys Office Party Heather Ready for the Party

The party, that was on a boat, was on the MV Skansonia - actually an old ferry boat. There was all sorts of drinks, food, and sweets. I especially enjoyed the cake pops. Look at these goodies (picture taken by a fellow co-worker. I forgot to take pictures...too much fun!).

Oh, and did I say there was a flipbook booth. You heard me right, a flipbook booth. You remember those little books that you fan through really quickly that show a little movie? Josh and I had a pretty awesome video.

The Flipbooth

So, that's about it. We ate, drank, danced, talked, flipbooked, and had a jolly good time. Thanks Uncle Responsys!