Red and Wine

That's what I said. Red and Wine. Not red wine. I'm talking about a red wall and wine (which was white).

On Sunday, Josh and I wanted to get out of the house a bit. We thought we should go out to someplace we've never been in the general Seattle area. Yes, we like to do this kind of random stuff. Sunday's pick was to go to the Eastside and Woodinville was the place. We thought we'd grab lunch and then see a winery or two out there.

And that's what we did. We had lunch at a cute sandwich place called the Twisted Cafe. It was a tasty sandwich with homemade bread. Then off we went to a winery.

We ended up at Novelty Hill winery. I'm not a huge wine fan, which I know for some of you is shocking considering I'm my father's child (if you don't know, my dad is a big wine affectionato). I do, however, enjoy a nice sweet, white wine. Yes, the kind you drink for dessert that are all syrupy sweet. Those wines. Maybe in time I'll develop some taste for nicer, red wines. For now, this is it. So it was lucky for me that the "bonus" wine on the tasting had lots of residual sugars (aka sweet!). So we bought a bottle.

Novelty Hill Winery

As for red, well, the patio of the winery had a red wall at the back. See a red wall in the background...

This is my Man.

And here's some close ups at the wall:

This is Me, as a Photographer My Man is Red Hot.

There was also red in the front of the winery. I like the gray to red contrast (trying to be artsy).

Novelty Hill Winery

Then we headed home.