Weekend Visitors

This past weekend, Josh and I had some visitors. My parents! Of all the weekends we've had recently, they picked the one with the most rain. Sad face. But that's okay, there is plenty to do indoors.

Saturday - Wine Tasting

We jumped in the car and headed over to Woodinville, WA. There are about 85 wineries in this area (at least, that's what one of the winery people said). Sha-right, like we could visit all 85, get a grip...we did manage to visit 6 of them.

  1. Chateau Ste. Michelle

  2. Challenger Ridge

  3. Patit Creek Cellars

  4. Trust Cellars

  5. Delille Cellars

  6. Novelty Hills Winery *

*Bet you didn't know our visit last weekend was to preview the wineries and ensure it would be a good place to bring my parents.

We had a jolly good time. I got introduced to ice wines which I found awesomely sweet and yummy. My dad got a taste for Washington wines. And Josh and my mom just had a good time.

Chateau Ste. Michelle Dad & Josh Taste Wine

Sunday - Theo Chocolate Tour

What better way to follow up a day of wine, a day with chocolate. Theo is a local chocolate maker (just 1 of 10 in the US) just across the bridge from us in Fremont. This place is so popular, you have to have to make reservations to get on the tour. Since we didn't really plan ahead on this one, we go there early, got on the waiting list, and then prayer we got on the tour. And we did!

We all enjoyed the tour, especially the tour guide who made many Willy Wonka references. We got to taste some chocolate along the tour, and learned quite a few new things about chocolate and Theo.

Some of you who were at our reception may recall the little chocolate bars on your place settings. Those were Theo! My parents bought got the limited edition scotch chocolates which he is enjoying this week.

Theo Chocolate Tour Dad Checking out the Goods Mom at Theo Chocolate Josh Ready for Theo Tour

After a quick bite to eat at Fonte, my parents had to head down to Portland for a Burger King convention my dad was attending for work. See, even rainy day weekends can be fun weekends.

Fonte for Lunch Jan & Heather