Tea for Two

Last Sunday, Josh and I did a "test run" for my first day at the Seattle office - the route, parking, timing. But why drive all the way to Capitol Hill without spending a bit of time.

We grabbed some lunch at a cute little restaurant called Plum Bistro. Afterwards, we decided to go check out a tea shop that Josh found out online. I was excited because I just spent the week prior in Chicago where every morning I enjoyed a tea latte from Argo Tea, a cool tea chain that I found (not on the West Coast yet, sad face).

I just love tea lattes. The love for them began when my friend Heather Richardson took me to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in LA many years ago. That is when I was introducted to the English Breakfast tea latte and the idea that you can have tea lattes other than a Chai tea latte from Starbucks. My favorite now is the Winter Dream tea latte...whoops, drooling.

Anyway, I digress. So, Josh and I took a nice stroll, in the rain (this is Seattle for crying out loud - deal with it), to a new place with high hopes of it being awesome tea especially since our favorite little tea shop in Queen Anne, TeaCup, closed it's storefront (you can still order online).

To our delight, we walked into Remedy Tea, a cute, cozy tea shop. I really enjoyed the way they decorated the store and had the teas organized. They labeled the teas with numbers and then had rows of the jars labeled with the tea's corresponding number. So hipster, Capitol Hill.

Remedy Teas Remedy Teas

They had a few options for tea lattes, but back at Argo I had an Early Grey Creme tea latte that I really loved. They had an Early Grey Creme tea so I asked if they could make a tea latte (note: this would be called a London Fog tea latte). They said they could totally whip that up - hurrah. Josh ordered off the regular tea latte menu and got a chai tea latte. We were both very impressed with our drinks. 

Heather, Tea Freak Tea Freak Cup

(I guess with all this tea talk, I'm a tea freak)

We got our teas to go, and walked happy back to our car with a warm cup in our hands.